House of Aama X Target

I felt deeply honoured to be entrusted with the creation of a truly special illustration for The House of Aama collection in collaboration with Target, celebrating Black History Month. The creative directors emphasised the significance of infusing the print with a hand-drawn feel, drawing inspiration from iconic figures from 1940s-1950s photography from some of the first “black beaches” in the US. During the era of Jim Crow laws, many coastal destinations were off-limits to black Americans. In many waterfront communities, African Americans pooled resources to create their own coastal retreats. Many became vacation destinations featuring hotels, music halls and amusement parks. Today, many black beaches still exist and continue to serve as important gathering places for black families and communities. These beaches offer a unique perspective on American history and the ongoing struggle for civil rights and equality. I used watercolours to bring the initial vision to life and refined the finer details with digital techniques. Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful project that resonates with the rich history and cultural significance of Black History Month. Available now at Target.

House of Aama X Target
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