Are you looking to Elevate YOUR collections with TIMELESS & ELEGANT SURFACE designs?

With her studio on the doorstep of the cotswolds, Stephanie Breeze blends the beauty of her natural botanical surroundings with her passion for travel to create her original surface designs. With over a decade of experience in the field of surface design, she is here to turn your ideas into reality. Specializing in creating surface pattern for the women's resort, swim and activewear sectors.

With a keen focus on sustainability and going over and above her clients expectations discover why she could be a great asset to your brand and how to work with her...


Are you looking to ElevateYour fashion collections withoriginal designs?

With her studio on the doorstep of the cotswolds,Stephanie Breeze blends the beauty of her naturalbotanical surroundings with her passion for travel tocreate her designs.

With her studio on the doorstep of the cotswolds,Stephanie Breeze blends the beauty of her naturalbotanical surroundings with her passion for travel tocreate her designs.

What Stephanie Can Provide...


Every project deserves a unique touch. That’s why stephanie works closely with her clients to understand their needs and preferences before stepping into a new project, ensuring that each design is perfectly tailored to their specifications, brand aesthetics and budgets.If you aren't sure where to start we also have a print library full of hundreds of designs that are ready to use and adapt to your brief.


Originality is at the heart of everything we do. We use multiple points of reference to ensure designs have an original fresh feel. Creating original textile designs is essential for establishing uniqueness, authenticity, and brand identity. Originality sets a brand apart in a saturated market, fostering recognition and loyalty among consumers


Whether you’re working on a fashion collection, home décor line, or any other project that requires a surface design, our versatile designs are sure to cover it all, everything can be adapted to suit your print specifications and existing collections. From intricate paisleys to bold motifs, we’ve got you covered.


Recognizing the significance of adhering to deadlines, we prioritize prompt delivery. Stephanie is dedicated to ensuring timely completion of your designs, facilitating seamless progress for your projects.



Getting To Know You

Before diving into a textile design project, Stephanie prioritise getting to know her clients. Through detailed discussions, questionnaires, and mood boards, we'll uncover your preferences, style, brand identity, and target audience. Understanding your vision ensures a personalized approach, resulting in designs that resonate authentically with your brand and audience, cost are also all agreed at this stage so there are no surprises at the point of invoice.



Stephanie carefully considers the end printing process required, which then navigates the media in which Stephanie will then create your design. We follow the colour palettes and styles uncovered at the beginning of the process, moving from approval of elements and then onto the layout of the print. Stephanie will ensure your happy every step of the way.


Final  Product

Stephanie will then provide you your finalised files in a format that your manufacturers have requested via a file transfer service. Seeing the flat creation translated onto a wear able three dimensional object is always such a joy at the end of the project. We love to see where our creations have ended up, please do browse the portfolio for inspiration and to see some of Stephanie current and past clients

What Do Stephanie’ Client’s Say...

“I have worked with Stephanie on seven textile prints now and each one has turned out even better than I originally envisioned! They are easy to work with, incredibly talented, and execute everything in a timely manner! What I appreciate most is that they are really able to capture my brands style! I would highly recommend this business!”


We’ve been working with Stephanie for over5 years, and her work is nothing short of fantastic! Her creativity, and attention to detail consistently shine through in every project. If you’re looking for a reliable and talented professional, Steph is the one you need.”


“As always you knock the ball out of the park!  I agree, it is always a pleasure to work with you on these special projects.It looks amazing, right on the head of the nail.”


Working with Breeze Studio has been an absolute dream. Steph is the kind of designer you always hope to find and jump for joy when you do, because she absolutely nails your vision. Stunning artistry, beautifully executed. I’ve worked with her many times on several different projects and feel lucky to have her in my arsenal of resources!!!”


Sound Good? Let's Get Started With A Few Details...

I will aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours. If your not sure what it is exactly you need we can chat about that too! Look forward to hearing more about you and your project!
Stephanie x
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